Cocktail dresses have become a dress code for many events, formal receptions and is a must-have wardrobe item for every lady. There is a rule - cocktail dresses are worn on events that start after 7 pm.

The combined variants look great: a tight top and a wide flying skirt, a bustier dress and a dress with an overstated waistline. The only rule is that either the chest or legs should be opened, in other words - the more the decollete, the longer the skirt. And vice versa.


Minimalist styled flowing evening dress
Minimalist aesthetics is ever appropriate, elegant and timeless. Trust your intuition and choose a dress that accentuates your personality, without adding anything else. A simple silhouette, a flowy t..


Stylish emerald colored dress with long sleeve
A touch of Byzantine style transforms modern style into luxury. This laconic dress with a structured silhouette, long sleeves and a boat neckline is beautiful and simple. But a slight touch makes it t..


Dark sparkling short sleeve cocktail dress
In search of the beautiful, look in the mirror and smile at your reflection. Not even thousands of sparkles gently flickering on your dress will outshine your dazzling smile. A little tip: use laconic..


Extravagant skirt and top monochrome coloured set
What is the secret of true beauty? The fact that it does not fade away with time but, on the contrary, it illuminates the world around it even more. Another muse for our collection – Agnese Landini, F..


Soft colored pearl embroidered evening dress
Will air castles crumble in the winds? Do not believe it! There is nothing more reliable than a dream - after all, it’s what gives you strength, inspires confidence and leads. Believe in the power of ..


Mini evening dress of a sparkling fabric with a lush skirt and voluminous sleeves
The young lover of the Sun King Louis XIV Angelica de Scoray was gentle and naive, she never learned to spin intrigues and always strove for power. But not only the king lost his mind because of her b..


Elegant velvet cocktail dress
Our designers created this dress especially for those ladies who dream about Hollywood-style attire. It is elegant and accentuates every curve of your body. The accuracy of the silhouette is achieved ..


Sparkling A-Line Long Sleeve Evening Dress
Beautiful elven princess Arwen seemed tender and fragile, her love for Aragorn gave her strength and made her faithful, powerful and magnanimous. She was called an "evening star”, whose quiet radiance..


Lightweight evening gown with a neckline and a long skirt
Love is worth waiting – the character of the novel written by Alexander Green knows it for sure. Love is worth being noticed – it is well-known to the designers of Paulain, who have created Assol dres..


Blue elegant set lace top and lush skirt
A dress for girls who still believe in fairy tales – an elegant combination of two pale blue hues. The crochet top softly accentuates your silhouette and is trimmed with scallops as are the short slee..


Evening dress with lace top and midi lush skirt
A macramé crochet top, laminated with a solid mesh. Midi length of the skirt made of airy mesh. Immediately after its release, this set has become a favourite prom dress and an elegant and practical w..


Short sleeve crepe cadance midi cocktail dress
This is a time when incredibly deep and complex hues supplant intense colors. When the sun is sinking behind the horizon and gives us a moment to stay in the soft, mysterious twilight. To dream and po..


Gracious evening set - satin skirt with lace blouse
One of the most elegant women in the world, Juliana Awada is often compared to Jacqueline Kennedy. With her aristocratic appearance and an innate sense of style, Awada is a fascinating example of bala..


Romantic dress with a lace blouse and a short lush skirt
Romantic ladies will appreciate this attire – a crochet off-the-shoulder top with an airy mesh trimmed satin skirt. The top and the bottom do not have to be of the same colour – you can play with colo..


Off-The-Shoulder tender evening gown of translucent glitter fabric
Beautiful Beatrice conquered the heart of the great writer Dante, without making any efforts. It was enough for her to appear in the street in front of him in white clothes and give him a smile. In th..


Satin Gradient evening dress and a long cape with sleeves
Young, mysterious and stubborn Bella Swan is in love with a vampire, and even Edward is unable to divine her thoughts and look into the sanctuary of her heart. An elegant transformer dress made of smo..


Floral lace short sleeve top and velvet midi skirt
"Who is this mysterious stranger? She is amazing! Her life seems like a fascinating movie in which she undoubtedly plays a major role. She chooses her image herself. She can be confident and domineeri..


Blue evening dress with a mini lush skirt
Follow your dream! No matter how difficult and long this path may seem, keep believing, it's worth all your effort. You will love every moment of this journey, in which the Blue Bird of happiness will..


Evening dress for a perfect silhouette
Demureness takes over the cities – it surely does, if a strong personality, sophisticated taste and perfect upbringing lie behind such demureness. We have just listed the factors of life success that ..


Magical and romantic ensemble of a top and a lush skirt
How do you start your perfect day? With the golden rays of the sun? With fragrant coffee? With a favorite song lifting your spirits? Whatever colors you chose for depicting your morning, leave some sp..


Stylish dress with an original back and a watercolor pattern
The silhouette lines of this dress are calculated to the millimeter. A one-piece sleeve, a low waist, an elegantly narrowed skirt, and a boat neckline are the key elements of this timeless style. Soph..


Dress with laced top and lash midi skirt
Somewhere in a distant country, where the sun always shines and there is no winter, everyone dances on the seashore, girls wear bright dresses. In that country everyone always laughs and enjoys every ..


Prom lace gown with long sleeves and tulle midi skirt
Being the most romantic of all the characters of George Sand, she is charming and feminine, absolutely free from coquetry and vanity. As if a nymph, she has no speck of slyness; she is light and virtu..


Women's V-neckline long sleeve midi dress
This dress is like a refreshing sound of the ice cubes in a glass with your favorite cocktail, like a myriad of night city lights, like quiet music in a car on the way home. Take a closer look – there..


Two piece with an open back top and feather decor skirt
Sophisticated Daisy, a real marguerite, seems to have just leaped from the screen or the pages of Fitzgerald’s novel. Oh, what a defenseless and appealing open back, fragile shoulders, thin waist! One..


Glitter ombre short sleeve V-neck cocktail dress
Who wants to get a treasure map of some mysterious island? You just need to look into a small corner – where your heart is, full of feelings that are far more expensive and beautiful than any treasure..


Beautiful evening dress with an airy skirt
The sky here is so amazingly clear that one can greet the dawns and wave goodbye to the sunsets every single day, relishing the endlessly long hours in the company of sun and warm breeze. The colors h..


Delicate evening dress with an airy skirt
The sky here is so amazingly clear that one can greet the dawns and wave goodbye to the sunsets every single day, relishing the endlessly long hours in the company of sun and warm breeze. The colors h..


Two-Piece Prom Dress with embroidered top and tulle midi skirt
Tenderer than tender ... An outfit that makes the heart beat faster. A stunning set of a top and a skirt, which was created for the happiest days. Named after lovely Eurydice, the beloved of Orpheus T..
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