You are going places, you are flying, you are determined to see new coutries, get new emotions and meet new people. Some will say "She is crazy!" Some will admire you! Some will quetly nod in approval! Noone will be left indifferent. You will inspire them to dream of a stress free adventurous and exciting life. It is possible to live a life full of surprises, it is possible to have fun every day. It possible to fall in love with...

Adventure! Paulaine's New Collection is dedicated to a dreamer. An inspiring dreamer who will make it all happen! To a woman who believes that everyday is special. To a woman who can easily become a role model. Our collection, our story is not just a combination of words. It is made out of stunning dresses telling their unique stories...


Gorgeous dress ensamble of top and a split skirt
Bright, emotional, stylish, charming… it’s obvious why you are priceless to everyone around you! You are able to fascinate and admire, to bring joy and rejoice, to share your energy with the world and..


Soft colored pearl embroidered evening dress
Will air castles crumble in the winds? Do not believe it! There is nothing more reliable than a dream - after all, it’s what gives you strength, inspires confidence and leads. Believe in the power of ..


Beautiful dress with a blue skirt and a silver laced top
The clock strikes exactly twelve and ... the noblewomen doesn’t turn back into Cinderella, but remains who she really is - a beautiful heroine of a romantic story who deserves her true happiness. With..


Dress with laced flower embroidery
When dusk is gathering, the stars become visible. Look at the sky, dream of many things! Think of the good things and your thoughts will make the world around you a much brighter and better place. Lov..


Magical and romantic ensemble of a top and a lush skirt
How do you start your perfect day? With the golden rays of the sun? With fragrant coffee? With a favorite song lifting your spirits? Whatever colors you chose for depicting your morning, leave some sp..


Evening dress made out of chic weightless fabric
They travel many kilometers to share their beauty with others. Wherever they appear, people do not cease to admire them. Model yourself on butterflies! Just become light as one! Try on a charming dre..


Black sparkly evening dress with a lush long skirt
You are very mysterious today, and this makes you seductive. An air of mystery stirs the imagination of people around you, and you wear it as a beautiful accessory, or as a veil, which gives your imag..


Light silk dress with a second upper transparent layer covered perls
Dreams and woolgathering are like beautiful butterflies fluttering from flower to flower and inviting to stay in their ephemeral world. Should one refuse an invitation? After all, things that seem to ..


Evening gala dress with an open back
When awaiting your prince charming you can do thousands of things: travel, dance, drink tea with cakes and, of course, dress up. We prepared for you a stunning dress that will surely enchant even the ..


Romantic high wasted evening dress
Each exciting moment remains in memory, as if in a photo album. And you know how extremely pleasant it is, to scroll again and again photos filled with vivid positive emotions. And how extremely pleas..


Glamorous evening dress with an open back and a split skirt
Somewhere in the blue-blue sky, beautiful birds soar higher and higher, neither to catch, nor to touch with your hands. So does your dream. You would love to take off and fly next to it, leaving all d..


Evening dress made out of exquisite pomegranate shaded silk fabric
A hidden treasure that so many would like to find is right here, in your heart. Subtle mind and extraordinary sensitivity make you very special. This is something that resounds in hearts of many peopl..


Evening midi dress with a lush skirt
It’s so wonderful, to walk through the city, hand in hand, to find little things that make you laugh together and to reflect together on something serious. And it’s so important to find someone who is..


Magical and mysterious evening dress
A woman can be compared with an adorable flower, but with which one exactly? With a modest violet on a green meadow or with a luxurious orchid in the rainforest? Or it is better to compare a woman wit..


Beautiful and romantic evening dress
Beautiful moment, do not pass away! You want to retain this moment of unforgettable experiences, dazzling joy, long-awaited triumph like precious memories in a photo album. Today is your finest hour, ..


Evening silhouette dress with a rare shade of turqoise
What is our life? It’s love! This is a t feeling beyond compare which helps create and perfect everything. Sometimes it‘s like a light breeze; sometimes it’s like a raging hurricane, but it’s always b..


Chic evening dress with pearls
The most beautiful pearls are hidden deep beneath the ocean. They are hard to find, but they are worth it! So you are not ready to do with ordinary things, you are always looking for something specia..


An unforgettable dress for a good nigh out with a multilayered skirt
This dress is designed for peculiar girls! For those who very carefully build their social circle, who have impeccable manners and always have access to invitation-only events. This dress consisting o..


Long evening dress with a sleeve and open shoulders
The search for the perfect dress can take you to wondrous, unknown worlds. Tropical birds are singing there, and the air is suffused with the fragrance of flowers. It all seems to be a dream or a fant..


Evening dress with a lush skirt and glamorous back
Gentle whispering of silk, light footfalls, candlelight dancing in the darkness ... But the dawn is coming, and all the magic will go, leaving only a train of memories of this night. Yet it will remai..


Evening scarlet dress with a detachable long skirt
Scarlet is the color of love and hope. You look into the distance and see something resembling the rising sun; this is your dream which is heading towards you. And you will always remember this moment..


A beautiful off shoulder evening dress
How to navigate be the stars? It’s easy - just become one of them! Take a bit of magic, add a golden glow, mix with confidence and serve in an incredibly beautiful dress: here is the recipe for creati..


An open shoulder midi dress
Every day of summer holiday is so different from the previous one! Just after the wake up in the morning, you are immersed in a kaleidoscope of new emotions and new discoveries. You ride a bike along ..


Long evening dress with a crop top and tulle skirt
This is a story about an incredible love, in which the two were inseparable, like day and night, the sun and the wind, the moon and the stars ... They knew each other and felt each other so well! They..


Gorgeous evening dress with an open back and effective skirt
What do you see on the horizon? Dazzling blue sky or rolling fog? Rising sun or sunset twilight? We all want to see only good things ahead of us. Our mind depicts us images of an enchanted island fill..


Passionate scarlet shaded evening dress
Triumphant red! It makes the heart beat faster; it suggests rushing towards your senses. In a second after accepting this invitation you will be swallowed by a hurricane of emotions, somewhere along t..


Evening dress with lace top and a beautiful skirt
Look not for gold, but for precious moments - meeting with your loved ones, traveling to beautiful places, talking heart to heart, dancing the night away. While living another great day, put it on a l..


Unique evening dress with sophisticated drapery
What do we want to see when looking up at the sky? Something which has never seen before, something unknown? Or maybe we want to understand what our soul strives for, which secretes it wants to probe..


Red evening dress with a top and a long skirt
Listen to your heart, because it knows the way. And even if high mountains and dark forests lie ahead, they will be only small obstacles on the way to happiness. Listen to your heart and it will alway..


Spectacular dress made out of spectacular textured fabric
The only compass that you can trust without any doubts is your inner one. In whatever direction the wind is blowing, it’s always at your back, it’s always a tailwind. To be bold, open to the world, to..
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