The collection "CITY SOIREE" by Paulain is dedicated to a beautiful urban girl. She is bright, femenine, sensual and free.

When being asked: "Are you going to the party" she nods affirmatively and says Yes!

For this, she needs a perfrct dress that will accentuate her beauty and will be a continuation of her personality.


Minimalist styled flowing evening dress
Minimalist aesthetics is ever appropriate, elegant and timeless. Trust your intuition and choose a dress that accentuates your personality, without adding anything else. A simple silhouette, a flowy t..


Stylish emerald colored dress with long sleeve
A touch of Byzantine style transforms modern style into luxury. This laconic dress with a structured silhouette, long sleeves and a boat neckline is beautiful and simple. But a slight touch makes it t..


Stylish dress with an original back and a watercolor pattern
The silhouette lines of this dress are calculated to the millimeter. A one-piece sleeve, a low waist, an elegantly narrowed skirt, and a boat neckline are the key elements of this timeless style. Soph..


Little mini dress with a long upper skirt
Can a little black dress be combined with a long evening gown? Why not? When Paulain designers do the job, they do it to perfection. A laconic maxi black dress would look statuesque if the classic sil..


Mini lace dress with short sleeve
While some are looking for a woman, the woman is looking for a dress – and she chooses the one that was created just for her. Like this one, with an exquisitely laconic silhouette and small neat sleev..


Lace and satin combination for a complete look
The creamy gray colour of this cocktail dress will reveal your sophisticated taste, worthy of an aristocrat’s wardrobe. Another sign of bon ton is laconism. When creating this outfit, the designers re..


Lace top with wide satin skirt
Even the most practical girls can turn into princesses, at least for one night. Their wide silk skirts hide pockets – what if there is suddenly a need to exchange business cards or write someone's pho..


Long evening high split dress
Short or long? To save you from doubt, Paulain designers came up with a daring decision: a double dress with a varied length. A high-slit maxi is combined with a short skirt, demonstrating your slende..


Long evening silk satin dress and lace top
We promise: this dress will make a grand effect, even at the most demanding event. Appreciated by the Paulain designers, the cornflower blue colour of this gown captivates with its purity and romantic..

LONDON Lux Electra

Maxi mermaid silhouette skirt and a small top
And yet another exquisite evening set. It is perfect in every detail: a maxi skirt of a trumpet-line silhouette, gently outlining the lines of your hips and gradually flaring out like a mermaid tail, ..


Blue double layered evening dress
Be yourself in any situation – spontaneous and charming as you are. And we have a mesmerizing attire to accentuate your youth and beauty. This is a little dress, but not black – it’s piercing blue. Th..
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