By choosing the right dress, you can give yourself a new look and style, you can change your mood, and maybe even your destiny ... So that you can find and try on your own Dress of Fortune and Dress of Dreams, Paulain artists and craftsmen combine the best materials, the most progressive technology, the latest and most original designs.

Your dress speaks the same language with you; it knows exactly what you can be; it helps you to fully reveal the brightest side of your character. It inspires you, guides and guides you. Your dress is your secret code and attorney of your secrets, this is your talisman that will certainly bring you many, many happy moments!


Gorgeous dress ensamble of top and a split skirt
Bright, emotional, stylish, charming… it’s obvious why you are priceless to everyone around you! You are able to fascinate and admire, to bring joy and rejoice, to share your energy with the world and..


Soft colored pearl embroidered evening dress
Will air castles crumble in the winds? Do not believe it! There is nothing more reliable than a dream - after all, it’s what gives you strength, inspires confidence and leads. Believe in the power of ..


Delicate evening dress with a transparent top and unique embroidery
You can stay up all night to immerse in the pink predawn haze that envelops the cool seaside, to wander in solitude and to enjoy the fragile beauty of the world around you. Your sensuality will be mat..


Long lace top and satin skirt evening dress
The path to the ideal shows us the way full of unexpected moments. By progressing, we may discover such new qualities in ourselves we have never suspected to have had – such as taste for risky adventu..


Lovely floor-length evening dress made of weightless georgette
This amazing light evening gown will make you look even more slender and sophisticated. Ethereal, smooth to touch Georgette fabric cascades to the floor in a beautiful waterfall effect, leaving everyo..


Gorgeous floor-length evening gown made of weightless georgette
This amazing light evening gown will make you look even more slender and sophisticated. Ethereal, smooth to touch Georgette fabric cascades to the floor in a beautiful waterfall effect, leaving everyo..


Incredibly airy tea-length evening dress with light sleeves
Transparent balloon sleeves and an ethereal fabric of this evening dress create a romantic atmosphere and accentuate the graceful figure and dainty hands. The modest neckline of a classy bodice flatte..


Incredibly airy tea-length evening dress with light sleeves
An amazingly lovely dress: transparent balloon sleeves highlight delicate shoulders, an ethereal hem hides the knees and draws eyes to slender legs. A classy bodice with a modest neckline flatters the..


Passionate evening dress with extravagant print
Such passions rage within you, comparable solely to the hot Argentine tango, whose rhythms thrill every cell of both soul and body. And you are capable of igniting fire in someone’s heart too, aren’t ..


Elegant evening two piece top and a long mermaid skirt
The youngest daughter of the sea king is charmed by the world of people, she is inquisitive, independent and extremely beautiful. She values ​​her freedom very much, but leaves it behind without any h..


Designer chic 70s styled evening dress
Only a timeless beauty is a true beauty. Endowed with rare natural grace, Mehriban Arif impresses not only with her appearance, but also with her refined manners, education and intelligence. This is w..


Sparkling A-Line Long Sleeve Evening Dress
Beautiful elven princess Arwen seemed tender and fragile, her love for Aragorn gave her strength and made her faithful, powerful and magnanimous. She was called an "evening star”, whose quiet radiance..


Lightweight evening gown with a neckline and a long skirt
Love is worth waiting – the character of the novel written by Alexander Green knows it for sure. Love is worth being noticed – it is well-known to the designers of Paulain, who have created Assol dres..


Beautiful dress with a blue skirt and a silver laced top
The clock strikes exactly twelve and ... the noblewomen doesn’t turn back into Cinderella, but remains who she really is - a beautiful heroine of a romantic story who deserves her true happiness. With..


Square neck short sleeve chiffon maxi evening dress
This is a time when incredibly deep and complex hues supplant intense colors. When the sun is sinking behind the horizon and gives us a moment to stay in the soft, mysterious twilight. To dream and po..


Off-The-Shoulder tender evening gown of translucent glitter fabric
Beautiful Beatrice conquered the heart of the great writer Dante, without making any efforts. It was enough for her to appear in the street in front of him in white clothes and give him a smile. In th..


Satin Gradient evening dress and a long cape with sleeves
Young, mysterious and stubborn Bella Swan is in love with a vampire, and even Edward is unable to divine her thoughts and look into the sanctuary of her heart. An elegant transformer dress made of smo..


Dress with laced flower embroidery
When dusk is gathering, the stars become visible. Look at the sky, dream of many things! Think of the good things and your thoughts will make the world around you a much brighter and better place. Lov..


Light satin dress with original print and wing sleeves
Float delicately in this magnificent dress with light wing-shaped sleeves. Black neckline of the dress accentuates ivory skin, and magical print with colorful flames draws the eyes. Sequin belt accent..


Evening dress in printed georgette with wing sleeves
Unusual silhouette with wing-shaped sleeves will suit both sophisticated ladies and ample beauties. The print with peacock feathers falling gracefully from the sky compliments the dress. Monochrome pa..

BONNIE Tea-lenght

Long evening dress made of thin satin with thin straps
Delicate soft to the touch satin dress feels cool against the skin, falling to thin ankles and tiny feet. Barely there straps leave shoulders open, drawing attention to the graceful neck. Classic tea-..


Elegant evening dress with mind-blowing high split
Timeless elegance with a playful Parisian accent – this is how you can describe the style of Carla Bruni in the period when she was First Lady of France. Bright but natural, spontaneous but sophistica..


Two-Piece Prom Dress with lace top and mermaid skirt
Proud beauty Carmen valued freedom more than anything else in the world, and remained a symbol of passion and dignity in literature and music. The mysterious and irresistibly seductive image of Carme..


Little mini dress with a long upper skirt
Can a little black dress be combined with a long evening gown? Why not? When Paulain designers do the job, they do it to perfection. A laconic maxi black dress would look statuesque if the classic sil..


Long marble evening dress with shimmering sequins and a long sleeve
If you strive to look dazzling always and everywhere, take a look at this gown. It looks laconic and even discreet at first, but it begins to shine in a stream of solar or electric light as it is deco..


Stylish and spectacular evening dress with an open back and a fluffy skirt
Like a princess from an oriental fairytale: the skirt made of fine ethereal tulle reveals thin ankles, the bodice decorated with extraordinary flowers highlights beautiful arms and a slim waist. A cut..


Black sparkly evening dress with a lush long skirt
You are very mysterious today, and this makes you seductive. An air of mystery stirs the imagination of people around you, and you wear it as a beautiful accessory, or as a veil, which gives your imag..
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