Woman is the world's harmony. She is the "5th element" that brings order and meaning to the world. Woman is the reason for the balance of men's worlds, for planets and satellites moving the right way. With her, life has purpose.

The woman's mission is to organize the notes of men's thoughts, deeds and feelings into melody, harmonize and grace the world. This very thought inspired Paulain to create a new collection.

Each dress is a symbol of femininity with a hint of playfulness and seduction. Lace "Shadow Aim", gleaming with a billion little sparks "Pearl" and shining rose quartz "Hera" – they are created for those who are always ready to be the center of attention.

Are you ready to shine, command and conquer? Choose the dress that fits the mood, reflects your personality or is perfect for an upcoming occasion. Be the center of the Universe, adorn it in one of Paulain dresses.

For women are the beauty of this world, and our collection shows that.

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