It all begins with HER. Her power. Her beauty. Her confidence. Her wisdom. Her graciousness. Her passion. Her desire. Her LOVE. She will always be the one. The best one. The unstoppable one. The one who will lead.

Collection "The First Lady. East - West" - the story of a woman, who inspires and motivates. This is the story about dresses, that are worth such women.


Extravagant skirt and top monochrome coloured set
What is the secret of true beauty? The fact that it does not fade away with time but, on the contrary, it illuminates the world around it even more. Another muse for our collection – Agnese Landini, F..


Designer chic 70s styled evening dress
Only a timeless beauty is a true beauty. Endowed with rare natural grace, Mehriban Arif impresses not only with her appearance, but also with her refined manners, education and intelligence. This is w..


Gracious evening set - satin skirt with lace blouse
One of the most elegant women in the world, Juliana Awada is often compared to Jacqueline Kennedy. With her aristocratic appearance and an innate sense of style, Awada is a fascinating example of bala..


Elegant evening dress with mind-blowing high split
Timeless elegance with a playful Parisian accent – this is how you can describe the style of Carla Bruni in the period when she was First Lady of France. Bright but natural, spontaneous but sophistica..


Long marble evening dress with shimmering sequins and a long sleeve
If you strive to look dazzling always and everywhere, take a look at this gown. It looks laconic and even discreet at first, but it begins to shine in a stream of solar or electric light as it is deco..


Stylish evening set of velvet corset and a lush mesh skirt
Belief in miracles creates... miracles. If you believe that every girl can turn into a princess and every lady can become First Lady, then why don't these amazing things happen to you? In the meantime..


Short Sleeve A-Line Evening Dress
The reference style of charming Jacqueline Lee Kennedy (née Bouvier) is now cited in all fashion books as timeless classics of the 1960s, continuing to inspire numerous creators of the world fashion. ..


Evening dress with airy sleeves and satin skirt
Always be yourself, follow your desires and do what your heart tells you – a true luxury that, alas, not everyone can afford. But you value freedom like no other and boldly go your own way, not being ..


Cute feminine cutout evening dress
“The heart never speaks, but you must listen to it in order to understand,” goes Chinese wisdom. Listen to your heart more often – to understand who you really are and what you really want. The lines ..


Shimmering sequin evening dress
First Lady of Brazil, a star named Marcela Tedeschi is a model of radiant beauty, energy and elegance. This dress was inspired by her excellent sense of style and Latin American temperament: it seem l..
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