Love has always been inspiration for painters, sculptors, poets, musicians, and it inspired Paulain artists to create a new collection of beautiful dresses.

Each character of Timeless Love is a symbol of time, a unique fate and a love story shimmering in the memory of mankind like a diamond.

Tremulous Ophelia and decisive Irene Adler, ardent young Juliet and the leader of the Valkyries Freya, humble Meggie and passionate Carmen - they are all different, but each one has become the personification of Love. Personification of everlasting, endless, all-consuming Love.

Choose the image that suits your spirit and notions of beauty best of all, and hurry to conquer the world with Paulain dresses, creating the most beautiful page in the history of Eternal Love.


Mini evening dress of a sparkling fabric with a lush skirt and voluminous sleeves
The young lover of the Sun King Louis XIV Angelica de Scoray was gentle and naive, she never learned to spin intrigues and always strove for power. But not only the king lost his mind because of her b..


Sparkling A-Line Long Sleeve Evening Dress
Beautiful elven princess Arwen seemed tender and fragile, her love for Aragorn gave her strength and made her faithful, powerful and magnanimous. She was called an "evening star”, whose quiet radiance..


Lightweight evening gown with a neckline and a long skirt
Love is worth waiting – the character of the novel written by Alexander Green knows it for sure. Love is worth being noticed – it is well-known to the designers of Paulain, who have created Assol dres..


Off-The-Shoulder tender evening gown of translucent glitter fabric
Beautiful Beatrice conquered the heart of the great writer Dante, without making any efforts. It was enough for her to appear in the street in front of him in white clothes and give him a smile. In th..


Two-Piece Prom Dress with lace top and mermaid skirt
Proud beauty Carmen valued freedom more than anything else in the world, and remained a symbol of passion and dignity in literature and music. The mysterious and irresistibly seductive image of Carme..


Prom lace gown with long sleeves and tulle midi skirt
Being the most romantic of all the characters of George Sand, she is charming and feminine, absolutely free from coquetry and vanity. As if a nymph, she has no speck of slyness; she is light and virtu..


Two piece with an open back top and feather decor mini skirt
Sophisticated Daisy, a real marguerite, seems to have just leaped from the screen or the pages of Fitzgerald’s novel. Oh, what a defenseless and appealing open back, fragile shoulders, thin waist! One..


Long Off-Shoulder with sleeves Two-Piece Prom Dress with A-style skirt
Slim, light, in a scarlet dress with naked shoulders and slender legs being seen from under the skirt - this is an image of the main character created by Victor Hugo – a beautiful dancer Esmeralda, wh..


Two-Piece Prom Dress with embroidered top and tulle midi skirt
Tenderer than tender ... An outfit that makes the heart beat faster. A stunning set of a top and a skirt, which was created for the happiest days. Named after lovely Eurydice, the beloved of Orpheus T..


Elegant women shiny sequin long bodycon dress
Just from the Garden of Eden, with a barely bitten rosy apple in the hand, she is a symbol of temptation, and also, the sin. Eve is the the very beginning, the first dream and the only joy, the sun an..


Lace top with sleeves and long satin skirt with pockets
It is possible to watch how the water flows, how the night sky twinkles with billions of stars, and how the fire burns forever and a day. Flamme derives from French and means flame, fire or ardor. Thi..


Shining top with sleeves and lush tulle midi or mini skirt
The young beautiful Francesca, who was trapped into marrying the ugly Giovanni by means of deceit, falls in love with his younger brother, and she is ready for any challenges for his sake. The multi-l..


Embroidered sequin top and long lush tulle skirt
In the Norse mythology Freya is the leader of the Valkyries and the goddess of fertility, love and beauty, who is fond of music, flowers and spring. In the mornings, Freya sprinkles morning dew, scatt..


Long evening gown with a high skirt slit and transparent cape
The beloved wife of King Arthur and the lady of the heart of the knight Lancelot, who was ready for any feats for her sake, is beautiful and independent. She did not spin intrigues and never took noti..


Two-Piece Prom Dress with decorated top and mermaid skirt
She is the one and only lady, who made Sherlock Holmes doubt about his intellectual superiority and believe in romantic feelings. Irene Adler is so clever and tempting, that Sherlock literally had no ..


Gradient prom dress with lush tulle midi skirt
“Barefoot goddess”, as contemporaries called Sergei Yesenin's beloved Isadora Duncan, danced without pointe shoes, tutu and corset, in a light Greek tunic. She seemed incredibly elegant, almost weight..


Beautiful prom dress with open back and mini skirt
The Norse goddess Jurate had lived a quiet and secure life in an amber castle at the bottom of the Baltic Sea until one day she heard the songs of the young fisherman Kastytis. She mesmerized and enti..


Haute Couture prom dress with sleeves and embroidered bodice
The characters of Nizami’s poem “Majnun and Layla” are called Arabian Romeo and Juliet. The only difference is that their love was platonic, they hardly exchanged a couple of words. Layla was forced t..


Mini sparkling prom dress with pearled cape
Meek Meggie is like a marvelous bird from an old Celtic legend - she strives for a thorn bush, even being aware of that she will die from its thorns after a jubilant love song. A thin shirt-dress that..


Straight High Slit Off-Shoulder Maxi Evening Dress
Master’s beloved woman, his muse and savior! She is sincere, impulsive and ready to go to all lengths for the sake of love. She is exceptionally appealing in the role of a witch — elegant, flirtatious..


Awesome A-line Evening Dress in Sparkling Ombre Fabric
You are the beloved and desired lady and for her sake not only space but also time can be overcome! You are Princess Melicenta from the fairy tale June 31. And a dress worthy of a royal person has bee..


Sparkling evening black mermaid silhouette dress with feathers
Is there a color more passionate and sexier than BLACK? The most powerful exciting images are created only in this color. Confirmation of this is the exciting dress of Odile. A black swan from the exc..


Sparkling pink weightless dress with sleeves and open back
Tender and tremulous Ophelia with delicate classic features of her face, a fragile figure and languor in her eyes, looking like a nymph, lives in her beautiful world, where there is no space for betra..


Maxi evening black dress with silver shining and open back
She impersonates the concept of ​​the ancient Greeks about the ideal woman, who should be clever, faithful, capable of protecting herself and her family in a difficult period of time. And, of course s..


Turquoise Embroidered top and gradient tulle midi skirt
A mischievous girl Pocahontas, the character of the Disney cartoon, is wise beyond her years, she appreciates ​​freedom more than anything else in the world and is always ready for wanderings and adve..


Embroidered top and gradient tulle midi skirt
A mischievous girl Pocahontas, the character of the Disney cartoon, is wise beyond her years, she appreciates ​​freedom more than anything else in the world and is always ready for wanderings and adve..


Red evening gown with lace bodice and a silk slit skirt
Perennial beauty of the first and the only love of Henry II - Diana Poitiers, was a subject of envy and gossip. A thin face, a radiant gaze, a smile lurking around in the corners of the mouth – she se..
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